Project 8 of 14

Hello to all my cam babies, virtual lovers & fantasy playmates! I’m the NEW M.I.L.F on the block, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been around my share of blocks. I’m more than a triple threat. They say I’m a “Trick of all trades & a master at some”. If you’re looking for the perfect gaming partner, choose your battle wisely for I’ve been a gamer since the Atari & Sega came out. Maybe you’ve always wanted to be with that girl next door but realistically, it’s a far fetched notion, so let’s roleplay and make that fantasy come true. You might even be a mommy’s boy and miss me oh so much since you’ve been off to college and yearn my nurturing. OR have you been Extremely naughty and need a punishment?! Mayber I need to demand a certain ransom for this evidence of neglect and discust on your spouse and because you’ve been so disobedient? I must say, I LUV BBC’s and maybe you’ve always wondered what cuckholding was about, so lets explore that together. Whatever your alter ego is, whatever fantasy you desire, whatever hidden secrets that lay within you, you can trust me with. Spoil me & I’ll spoil you right back. I can be a giver unless you’re just a pathic little looser that needs to be taught how to conform to my every demand. Either way, give me a little of your time, and you’ll never feel a moment was waisted. Join “TEAM FRECKLEZ” now!

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