Elegance mixed with art technology describes CYBERHOUSESTUDIOS, the first video chat Studio in Las Vegas who meets both of the most important basic requirements. It has high class interiors, and Exteriors appropriately designed to create perfect atmosphere for erotic shows, but in the same time it fulfills all latest technical requirements in terms of the art technology. The technical features include: latest technology in computer architecture (updated whenever needed with the latest software by our technical department), professional lighting scheme, professional webcams and high speed internet connection.
Experience is the main word that best describes our business and also the main asset that keeps us on top of webcam studios from Las Vegas. Our years of experience show passion and interest. Cyberhousestudios comes with an experience of almost a decade in adult field, evidence we are entitled to be considered the best.
Being Professional is our main concern and probably the first thing you will discover once you come across our studio for the first time. We only hire experienced and qualified staff so we are sure we make the best moves in the benefit of both parties.

The Team you are working with could be the reason why people decide to start collaborating or quit from the very beginning. To us, teamwork is important because it enables models to achieve their goals quickly and efficiently. Makes the thought of going to work exciting to see what Ideas and adventures we bring to the table.
Discretion is the perfection of reason, and a guide to us in all the duties of life. For almost a decade we can proudly say that we never encounter a bad experience in what models privacy means.
People often ask, “What is your Recipe For Success?” There is no single recipe for success, but there is one essential ingredient: passion. This is the maine thing you should know about us. If you want to be a success, you must love what you do. How else will you be able to give it the time, energy and hard work it requires?
Must be 18 years of age or older with valid photo ID
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Receive personalized help from our staff 24/7.Work for an established company with members that have been in the business for almost a decade.Utilize our reliable traffic sources and marketing team to earn big money.Become a affiliate program and boost your income drastically.Weekly group events to generate a highly profitable tipping pool.Top of the line equipment that has not been released to the market yet.Professional photographers and videographers.Professional video/photo production studio.Top Industry Internet and Graphical Design TeamGated location with surveillance systems for your protection.Highly styled themed sets.RevenueThere is a lot of money to be made by performing live on webcam. Our customers spend top dollar to interact LIVE with people like you everyday! Don’t miss out. Join the fun and get paid for doing it!Earning potential of $100,000+ per year performing onlineCustomers pay between $3-$15 a minute to chat liveJoin our affiliate program and make money hiring modelsMonthly promotions & bonuses can add thousands more each pay periodUtilize your own members site that can revenue tens of thousands of dollars a month. How many friends do you have on Facebook/twitter times that by 15 – 30 Just think about that.

We also operate private-label chat sites for the best known names in adult entertainment, including:
And many more.What Type of Cyberhouse Girl are You.
The Atendee- at this entry level, you, the actress while taking the lowest percentage cut with your cam funds you can choose to leave at any time. This level is designed for the actress who likes the idea of minimal commitment.

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The Associate- at this level, you, the actress you will pocket a much Higher percentage than a attendee. In this higher level of commitment, we will put our photographers and video production team into full motion, along with our full marketing team to fill your page with followers which will fill your pockets with tips. If this takes off, you will receive the option to proceed to the next level and become a Star…

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A Star- at this level, you, the actress, keep your associated percent of all cam revenue Profit split of your personal high end Members website. We’ll provide website management services and credit card management service fees, Have our video and photography production team build your content as requested to keep your site updated and member happy. The best of both worlds where everyone profits equally. It’s a win: win for all!…

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