Why we're Different

Cyberhouse Studios celebrates the beauty of creativity, the elegance of colors and contrasts, and the art of making you and your product timeless. Our award-winning studio stands behind superior quality, rapid turnarounds, and competitive pricing. We are committed to continuously introducing new products and resources to help our clients reach their audience effectively. Utilizing the latest software, hardware, and marketing trends, we tailor our services to meet your needs. We offer a wide range of web, video, animation, and graphical media services, from large format printing to essential business cards, covering all your everyday needs.



Motion Graphics & Photography

Cyberhouse Studios is production-ready, offering on-location filming and photography. With our extensive expertise, we excel in producing, storyboarding, and directing commercials and video clips for the big screen and personal devices. Our use of motion graphics, 3D animation, and precise lighting ensures your content captures your audience’s attention.

No matter the project or broadcasting medium, our approach remains consistent: prioritizing our clients’ needs and infusing creativity into every stage of the process. Each project is a new challenge, driving us to innovate and expand our artistic and technical capabilities.

Additionally, we provide comprehensive post-production services for various external devices and mediums, ensuring your content is polished and ready for any platform.




Print products are the cornerstones of your success, and we understand that. Whether it’s product packaging, custom clothing, catalog layouts, brochures, photographic materials, point-of-purchase displays, signs, flyers, business cards, or presentation materials, these items represent your business to the world. High-quality graphics make a lasting impression.

The excellence of your print products depends on the expertise of your printing company. The best print service companies are attentive, committed, creative, and skilled. When you choose us, you’ll work directly with our knowledgeable team of print experts, who are dedicated to providing the personal service and superior quality you need.




CYBERHOUSE STUDIO provides web design services to individuals and businesses specializing in one-of-a-kind custom sites. Web sites are designed to suit the needs and desires of each individual client. We will work with you to create your vision, or if you are not sure of the design you are looking for, we can create one for you using what we learn from you through a telephone/email consultation. If you already have a website and are looking to have it updated, we can also work with a design that is already in place.

HTML5 – HTML5 does not give you 100% the power that flash does but you have allot of creative control add some nice visual stimulation and motion that you cannot offer with basic HTML. (The big seller with HTML5 is that you don’t have to design a hidden page to show up on mobile devices).

HTML – HTML is a way to design static sites. Aesthetically, with the help of CSS you can create a beautiful design. HTML can also share its design with Flash and HTML5 to add a little motion to your site. (HTML will also show up on mobile devices but any flash element will have to have a hidden graphic behind it).

WordPress – WordPress is a user friendly CMS (content management system) that allows the user to log into a control panel and update their site without having to call your web designer every time you want to update your site. Creative freedom is lacking compared to custom designed websites, but if you are going to be updating your site on a daily basis this might be a strong tool for you to utilize..

Flash – Animations are a fantastic way to grab a visitor’s attention and add interactivity to a web site.Cyberhouse Studios creates anything from simple navigation menus to more complex visual stimulating sites. With flash you are only limited by your imagination. (As of now flash doesn’t play on phones and might be weeding out in some browsers suggested HTML/HTML5 hidden pages behind flash site).



Online or Video SpokesModel

Cyberhouse Studios online spokesperson gives your website the added edge of modern techniques that catches your site’s visitors’ ears and eyes. Our methods give the tools and marketing skills that your site and business can rely on.

Walk on Video is just another way of saying Internet Spokesmodel.  When you see a person walking out that appears to be talking just to you. It adds a feeling of community to your webpage.  After talking to a current customer, they told me of a colleague that wanted to have each of his management staff do their own so when a customer visited his business they would identify with the manager as they walked though the door.

Walk on Video is great in Testimonials.   It adds an emotional value and has a greater impact on the viewer then written text..

A Spokes Guide or Video Guide,  walks you though the sites key pages and finishes on a call to action like filling out a form or prompting them to call or clicking on a buy it now button. By explaining the features and benefits of key pages customers are more likely to have a question or want to know more.